Elimination Diet Update - Healing Our Leaky Guts

March 03, 2011


Thus far (day 4) my wife and I have been pleased with how we feel and how easy it has been to follow the Elimination Diet to heal our leaky guts.

Here's a rendering of the process. The globules with the hairs on top represent the intestinal wall.


Linda has lost 4 pounds - most of which is water of course. She feels less bloated, a tad less achy and more energetic. This could be and probably is due to sleeping a bit better.

I feel about the same but I no longer get the morning tummy grumbles I used to get and am a lot less gassy. I am almost positive this was caused by the cream in my coffee and the cheese with my eggs in the morning. Maybe the eggs too.

Sadly, my knee is just as painful as before. I also have not lost any weight but it is only day 4 and as I have very little fat to lose it is not too surprising. On top of this I have been pretty strict with my diet all along. I am severely gluten intolerant so I rarely if ever eat foods containing gluten. I am so intolerant that a mere beer and a slice of pizza will cause an eruption of dermatitis and my knees swell into grapefruits.

Take a look. This is a few hours after having a beer:


Why did I have the beer you ask? Well, I went to the farmer down the road to get my fix of grass fed, beef and lamb (the lamb was slaughtered the day before - YUM). On our way back to my van from his basement of beef, he said "You need a beer?" Of course,the subtext of his query was "I want to drink. Your an excuse to drink at 11AM. Drink with me." I'm sort of kidding. He's a great guy and not at all a drunk. And hey - he charges me a mere $2.50 a pound for his meat - any cut I like. For that price I'll sacrifice my knee for a day or so.

The only think I have not done is cut out the evening wine. But I am drinking less. I am going to stay strict on the diet and after a month or two if the knee is no better I will then cut the wine out. If the knee gets better, well, then we'll know.

I'll keep you all posted.

Oh - did you all see this article on exercise and aging? Very interesting. I'll post a blog on this soon.

As always, thanks for reading.