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Oprah and Friends - update

I thought that the interview with Bob Greene was live for today. My apologies. I was informed to day that this is a taped show on XM Satellite Radio 156 and
will air on Feb 20th. More details at

Oprah and Friends - Bob Greene show

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Heart cancer - a thought

Have you ever heard of malignant heart cancer? Neither have I. And you probably never will.

Make a change at the USDA

You now have just 1day left to submit comments for consideration at the Jan 29th
meeting to change the USDA food/dietary recommendations.

Attachments may accompany your comments.

To submit or view written
public comments
related to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines revision
process, please go here.


Waldorf=Astoria window

It's official - we are now on the window of the Waldorf=Astoria.

Who's right and who's wrong

A thought...


Riding in the car to Michigan over the holidays, I listened to Malcolm
Gladwell's new book Outliers. It's a fascinating treatise on how the very
successful got that way. According to Gladwell, it's more than just being born
with a giant brain or a perfect pitch. It has more to do with your particular
set of life circumstances - where and when you were born, what your parents did
for a living, what month you were born in, etc.

Oprah's dilemma

Take a look at this.

ABC Eyewitness News

For those of you who missed the Eyewitness News clip here it is.

ABC Eyewitness News

Just as a heads up, my daughter and I will be on ABC's Eyewitness News this Sunday morning at 7:45 AM live to promote my new book Strong Kids Healthy Kids.