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Yo! GAH!!

Observe this man:

Supple Spines

Supple Spines (trademark pending) using our new and improved low back machine conceived and created by myself and master retrofitter Tim Ryan are soon to be built at Serious Strength Studios.

My Achin' Yanks

It seems like my Yankees are dropping like flies. (Non baseball fans please forgive me but I must blog on this!)

We're in the June issue of Allure!

Check out the June issue of Allure magazine. On page 139 you'll see the outcome of our gal's 8 week leg makeover fat loss results! Not too shabby.

Tag Line for Serious Strength

I'll tell ya - I'm stumped.

Metabolic Muscle - A 'beef' about muscle with Dr. Gregory Ellis

There is a lot of controversy over how much higher your metabolism is raised by adding muscle to your body.