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Adolescent Obesity Levels Off

According to a recent study or, rather, survey, over the past decade adolescent obesity has leveled off. This is good news (if in fact the news is for real).

Real Food Pyramid

I know I said I was busy - and I am - but I needed to share this with you.

Editing My Life Away

My editor has given me quite the editorial challenge on my new book Strong Kids, Healthy Kids (you might have to scroll down a tad to see the cover of the new book and can sign up to be informed of the release  if you wish) and so I am now into full blown editing mania. Just when you thought you were smart...

Mice Are Men?

This article titled Low -Fat Diet May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk was in today's NY Times Health section.

Might Is Right

Today's NY Times had a nice article on the importance of strength training.

Keeping Track

Keeping track of your what you eat is a critical part of achieving the fat loss as well as the muscle gains you desire.  If you don't keep track, you won't do as well as you could - that's the fact Jack.