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Strength is Strength

"Yo, how much can you bench?"

Shit Your Doctor Says

Let's face it - sometimes well-meaning and wonderful people talk shit and say dumb things. And they often say dumb things with conviction.

A Good President

I reached into my gym fridge the other day to eat some duck mousse pate from D'Artagnan Foods. I was looking forward to the creamy, rich flavor and enjoy the fact that I was eating something healthy. I've had some of their products before in the past and have enjoyed them.

Rice and Beans vs. Steak and Eggs

My friend Regina Wilshire, author the the amazing blog Weight of the Evidence, posted some interesting numbers that I wanted to share with you all. They elucidate the difference between the protein and amino acid profiles of meat and veggies. Quite an eye opener.

Client Results

Fat loss is by far the number one desire for 99% of the clients that walk through the Serious Strength door. As many of you already know our approach to achieving fat loss is:

Dr. Su Explains Why Carbohydrates Can Kill

Almond Flour Pancakes - Linda Hahn's Recipe

Balance Training - A Wobbly Concept

I saw this article in the NY Times yesterday on balance training for the elderly. I braced myself for the fallout.

Even The New York Times Fails Us

Well sportsfans it seems that The NY Times has joined forces with The Huffinton Post in getting their facts twisted on the recent survey which indicated, albeit weakly, that if you eat a lot of carbs and eat fat and meat you run a slightly higher risk of dying earlier and suffering more maladies than if you eat a lot of carbs and not so much fat and meat.Take a look.

Muscle Magic

A favorite teacher in college once said to me: "The world is full of hacks." As I've gotten older and balder, I realize he couldn't have been more right. The world abounds with shills and sheisters.

Ten Must Read Nutrition & Health Books

If you want the skinny on how to become healthy and know what is scientifically so about nutrition, here are ten must read books that you'll eventually want to lay your hands on. Some of them are easy to read, some are more "heady" and others are somewhere in-between.

Dean Ornish Addendum

A few people wrote to me in response to my last blog post on Dean Ornish. They felt I unfairly attacked him and that this was not justified or worthy of me.

Dean Ornish - Pioneer of Health or Profiteer for Wealth?

For well over two decades Dean Ornish, M.D., current Senior Medical Editor for the Huffington Post, has been advocating and promoting a low-fat, plant-based diet.

Exercise isn't just movement

(Image credit

5 Top Health Websites

Here are 5 of the best health websites on the web:

Almond Flour - You can have your pancakes and eat them too!

For those of you who can't seem to kick the pancake and waffle habit, there is a solution - almond flour!

Plant matter - do we really need it?

I don't think so. Not much of it at least.