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Commenting on a comment from Joe

Joe commented on my last blog titled I'll scrub your floors and wash your linens. His comment was one I always get no matter how hard I try to be clear. "Don't you need aerobics for heart health and to lose fat so you don't have to eat less food?"

I'll scrub your floors and hand wash your linens.

FACT: The typical human being has enough body fat on her person to last for tens of thousands of hours of physical activity - perhaps even more.

Cholesterol Facts

I am getting increasingly annoyed at the willy nilly distribution of statins for lowering blood cholesterol. these muscle wasting, nervous system damaging drugs are dangerous and more often than not completely unnecessary. The use of statins is coming under fire and that makes me feel good.

Never Eat Alone

Keith Ferrazzi  author of the natioanl bestseller Never Eat Alone is a good man and a wonderful speaker. I've had the pleasure of hearing him talk and training him at my gym. His book is a must read for anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their lives.   

Her own science

Last summer I gave a lecture for the Live Well NY Fitness trade show at the Jacob Javitz center. As I am wont to do, I focused my lecture on dispelling many myths (and in the fitness industry, almost everything you read is myth!) and trying to re-educate folks so that they can improve their lives through safe and sane strength exercises and eating correctly.

Slow Burn misconceptions

I've been meaning to clear up and clarify a few misconceptions about Slow Burn. Feel free to email me if any of the following is unclear.

The new Sugar Pyramid for kids

I'm MAD.

Hey Fred - how come you're not big?

First let me say Happy New Year, peace love and joy to everyone! I hope you all bring to this new year all of your love to each of your lives which in turn makes this world a place of prosperity. I have learned that the new year (or anything else for that matter) cannot bring YOU anything. YOU must bring to it, whatever it is. So bring it on!