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Hobo Health - An Observation

Riding back from the Catskills the other day I observed a homeless man walking along the highway dragging his cart of things. Since traffic was slow, I had time to notice that his face was reddish brown, his bare arms were deeply tanned and he sported a full shock of hair. Other than his clothes, he looked kind of good actually. He was probably in his late 40's or early 50's.

What we Ate on Vacation

Don't get jealous now.

Mark Sisson's Exercise Errors

Mark Sisson has become a very popular paleo promoter and I like a lot of what he has to say. His book is pretty good and I hate him for all the hair he has on his head. I wish it were true that going paleo was good for hair re-growth but its not.

My Friend Alec

An Ongoing Success Story

I love getting these emails:

A Note from Merry Olde England