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Pump Up Before You Carb Up

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Slow Is Relative

I trained a client the other day who got stuck in the middle of a repetition. She seemed to be unsure of what to do as the exercise got rugged.

The 700 Club

I'll be appearing on the 700 Club Skinny Wednesday show next week, November 19th. Times vary. It airs on the ABC Family Channel. Check local listings for the time in your area. We'll be discussing my new book Strong Kids Healthy Kids.

The Egg Nothing Omelete

Many people fearing the fat and cholesterol in egg yolks eat egg white omelette's instead of regular omelette's.

Complimentary Strong Kids Healthy Kids Book

I am offering a complimentary copy of my book Strong Kids Healthy Kids to all public schools in NYC (and 10 books to other schools around the country. These 10 are on a first come first served basis. I'll donate more complimentary copies if sales do well.

An Honor

I was honored the other day by being included in Jimmy Moore's list of the Top 10 low-carb movers and shakers for 2008.

Strength is Superior

Well I've always known it. But now more than ever before is strength rearing its powerful head as the  King of Fitness, the Sultan of Health, the Premier of Wellness.