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Exercising with Arthritis

(This is what I am desperately trying to avoid!)

Should We Be Carbophobic?

Are Your Weights Heavy Enough?

They should be. Here's why.

Weakness is Sublime

It is very common for me to hear the following statement after a client completes an exercise to failure:

Gary Taubes and Sugar

Science Journalist Gary Taubes has a new article published called Is Sugar Toxic? in today's New York Times.

Ancient Atherosclerosis

(NPR photo)

Certainty Isn't Arrogance

We had a new client come in the other day who asked our fantastic instructor Neil Holland about why we don't do aerobic exercise (and a few other things like stretching) at Serious Strength.

Slow Pushups

Right now, without thinking, do some slow push-ups till you're tuckered.

Why Is Your Kid Fat?

There is no doubt that the surge in adolescent obesity is real. As a father of two wonderful young lasses, I am in their school yards virtually everyday and see it first hand. I will say however that, at least in New York City, most kids appear to be of normal body weight. The truly obese kids - the ones who need immediate care - are rare.