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Seven Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Lean Fast

  1. Get an extra 2 hours of sleep per night
  2. Eat no carbohydrates save for leafy, cruciferous veggies
  3. Watch comedies, read a good joke book and laugh with friends
  4. Drink cool water, water and more water and no other beverage
  5. Walk everywhere you go (this is NOT for calorie burning but for improving insulin sensitivity)
  6. Weight lift twice per week in an intense (but safe) manner (my book would help!)
  7. Eat a protein rich meal or drink a shake within 30 minutes after your workout

Go. Do. Start. Enjoy!

NYC Public School Fitness Program

My eldest daughter received her NYC Fitness Gram
the other day. The Fitness Gram details her BMI, muscle strength,
endurance, flexibility and aerobic fitness levels. It is sanctioned by
the NYC Dept. of Education.

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