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What Do I Eat?

Anne wants to know what to eat before and after a training session.


Kettle bell training is a scam. No different then Pilates or the body bar.

Whither Did I Go?

Last week starting on Sunday, I was viciously attacked by some nasty germs that defeated my immune system and made me feel like a ball of phlegm. This is rare for me.

Scott Adams the Vegetarian Comic

Scott Adams is a funny comic writer. As a blogger, he's really good too. But his recent post on eating meat had my incisors and canines bared.

It's a streeeeeeeeeeeetch...

Gina Kolata, the NY Times fitness expert has, over the years, amazed me with her behind the times reporting.

Why does the training have to be so hard?

A client asked the other day. Hard, meaning, unfun, unappealing - unlikable.

Dealing With The DOMS

A common side effect of strength training is DOMS short for delayed onset muscle soreness.