March 27, 2008

Kettle bell training is a scam. No different then Pilates or the body bar.

But there's one difference - kettle bells are cool looking.


They look like they'll work. (Therefore they will.)

A Pilates reformer looks like a bed - or an old style torture rack - or a reformed pool table. .


The body bar? well....


Its a stick.

But what they all share in common is they offer resistance to our muscles. The question is, do they offer such as safely, as efficiently, or as effectively as possible.

It isn't the device per se - it how you use the resistance they offer. But their advocates would have you think differently.

A kettle bell will not transform you into a Russian strength athlete.

A Pilates Reformer will not give you the dancer's lean body of a Baryshnikov or Gillian Murphy.

A Body Bar will not give you...ah, forget it.

You get it.

Macs are better than PC's. But I don't know how to use a Mac very well, therefore...

Nah..that's just lazy thinking.

You've got one body and one life - be active about it.