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Paleo Elimination Diet Day One

In my last post on going totally paleo to see if my osteoarthritis (as well as my wife's issues) could be resolved, I neglected to mention that we are both starting today. We are coming of mid-winter school break and chose to start after the kiddie festivities ended.

Elimination Paleo Diet Here We Come!

My knees hurt. They have been hurting now for almost 2 years. They hurt so badly that I can no longer do the things I love to do that require knees. The diagnosis - severe medial osteoarthritis caused mainly by being bow-legged (genu varum) which leads to deforming arthrosis. I remember as a kid people would often make comments to me like "Hey fella - did you just get off your horse?"

Low Carb is Healthy - But Healthy Doesn't Mean Low Carb

First let me preface this blog by saying that I am not calling people who eat cereal stupid. Nor am I suggesting that clowns are stupid either. But breakfast cereal is stupid. So don't eat it.

Grain and Gluten Free Biscuits

OK low carbers - this low carb biscuit is to DIE for. Each one has only 6gms of carbs and 3 gms of fiber so a net carb load of only 3gms!

More Muscle Means A Faster Metabolism

Many experts assume that the our metabolism - the chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life - increases very little from resistance training. Some fitness experts argue that building more muscle increases it as little as 1-5 calories per pound of muscle built.

Is a Macrobiotic Diet Healthful?

Not on your life.

Don't Decide, Don't Try, Choose and Do


Counting Calories is Unnatural

Though many have said this before I have, and as Gary Taubes points out so succinctly in his new book Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It (Affiliate link, meaning, if you click on it and buy Gary's book I make a shekel or two), counting calories is an exercise in futility.