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Arthur Jones Was Right About Resistance Training

(Arthur Jones circa 1960 on his Nautilus shoulder lateral raise/overhead press combo piece. A shoulder killer if ever there was one.)

Jack LaLanne - RIP

The legendary Jack LaLanne died over the weekend at age 96. He was unmatched in his positive, upbeat and motivational persona. Much of what he had to say about fitness and health was spot on.

Anthony Colpo Insults Again

Anthony Colpo, the vitriolic Australian personal trainer and author of a pretty decent book The Great Cholesterol Con is at it once again. He read a Slow Burn bashing review written by two young men who wrote a weight loss book called S.P.E.E.D: The Only Weight Loss Book Worth Reading and blogged on it with his usual flair for colorful language, metaphors, exaggerations and lies. Of course, the blog isn't at all informative - it's just rude and derisive. He's so gleeful that some other people joined his hate Fred Hahn and/or Slow Burn Club he rushed to post all about it.