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How To Get Fat

This is how they fatten cows:

Upside Down Nutrition

Below is a list of 6 nutritional guidelines that the experts say you should follow when in fact for optimal health, you should do the exact opposite (medical exceptions aside):

There is no such thing as 'Balance,' or 'Coordination'

A reader of my last blog asked me a very good question:

What people believe and what is true

Here is a list of what people believe to be true about weight lifting and what is scientifically proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Slight modifications don't cut the mustard

I was discussing and debating the issue of fat loss and improved health with Teri Evans

Success has its rewards - and its consequences

Over the years I have observed and helped many clients reach their goals.

The Cure for Obesity and Type II Diabetes

Stop eating sugar.

BMI - The Big Mistake Index

Recently grade schools all over the country have taken BMI (body mass index) measurements of children to determine who is or is not over (or under) weight (yet many of these schools continue to feed their children pizza, cakes and junk for school meals).

If you like grains it's worth the read

If you eat bread, oats, wheat - grain of any kind, take the time to read this.

A small step for fat-kind...

Losing fat is a ugly, arduous process. It's tough - really tough to accomplish.