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To Fail or Not To Fail...that is the question.

I've been thinking a lot about what clients feel and comment on when they are at the point of momentary muscle fatigue (failure) in an exercise - the point where you are literally incapable of lifting the weight again.

Audio of the Joan Hamburg Show

For those who missed me being interviewed by Liz Hamburg on the Joan Hamburg Show, here it is if you want to listen to it. We covered many topics from the non-need for stretching, the potency of strength training for kids, real food nutrition, etc.

I'll be on the Joan Hamburg Radio Show 10/26/07

I'll be a guest on the Joan Hamburg radio show this coming Friday October 26th at 9:10 AM. Her daughter Liz Hamburg, an accomplished radio personality herself, will be the host.

The Medical Mind and Type 2 Diabetes

"Them Bones, Them bones Gonna Rise again. Them Bones, Them Bones Gonna..."

A Carbminder

A question was posed to me yesterday: