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Genetics Matter

As a child growing up in Queens, NYC, I was made fun of from time to time for several reasons - for being Jewish, for being red-headed, for being painfully skinny, for having the name Fred, and for being severely bow-legged. "Where's your horse red Fred Hahn?!" the kids would tease.

Bacon Cups

Bacon cups! BACON CUPS!!

Hope For Arthritic Knees - Like Mine!


Misrepresentation of Slow Burn Training

The above article titled Muscular Contraction with Measured Movement is from a March 1962 issue of Strength and Health magazine. The article was written by the late Bob Hoffman, founder of the infamous York Barbell Company. The men and women who made up the York company and the enthusiasts who followed their regimens were and still are considered among the "heart and soul" of modern body building and athletics.

Keeping Track

In my last post I mentioned how important it was to keep track of your training progress. I thought I'd take a little time to describe how we do this at Serious Strength.

Physical Activity Burns Sugar More Than Fat

You hear and read a lot about how good it is for diabetics to be physically active because it helps regulate blood sugar. And it does.

Top 10 Strength Training Books

As requested by one of my subscribers, here is my list of the top 10 books on strength training - in no particular order.

Elimination Diet Week 2 - Feeling Strong Now

Thus far all goes well on our journey into a healed gut - a bit too well in terms of my body weight. I stepped on the scale yesterday before my Slow Burn workout and weighed in at a trim 162.5 pounds. The week before I weighed in at 167. I thought "WTF?!"

You Put You On Meds

The Wisdom of Dale Carnegie

I just finished reading a very good book that uses the wisdom of Dale Carnegie as its premise called <a href="The Leader in You. I wanted to share the highlights with you all. I think these principles are the kind of things we need to remember and remind ourselves of often.

Gary Taubes vs. Dr. Oz: Science vs. Logical Fallacies

(Open heart surgery. The field of work that Dr. Oz IS an expert in.)

Cereal is the Best Breakfast - NOT!

I just read this article on a website called Nutrition Horizon that claims that a bowl of cereal with milk is the healthiest breakfast.

Elimination Diet Update - Healing Our Leaky Guts

Thus far (day 4) my wife and I have been pleased with how we feel and how easy it has been to follow the Elimination Diet to heal our leaky guts.