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What Do I Eat?

I thought you all might like to see what a typical eating day in the life of Fred might be like. Do I really walk the paleo walk? Well, here's a typical day:

The NYC Dept. of Health Has Its Facts Screwed Up

On nutrition that is.


"Eating fat doesn't make you fat. Storing fat makes you fat. Carbohydrates play a major role in storing fat. So the level of dietary carbohydrate is really the most important factor to control because it dictates what happens to fat. Carbohydrates are dominant and fat is passive. When carbohydrates are low, fat tends to be burned, and when carbohydrates are high dietary fat tends to be stored."

Weight Training Injuries

I saw this article today on weight training injuries. It appears that there is a booming rise in the number of weight room related injures due to the growing popularity of resistance training. Thankfully more people are getting into the weight room these days. Resistance training is without question the single most potent form of exercise for any adult for staying healthy, lean and vital as the years roll on. And it's exceptionally healthful for kids too.