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Neanderthals Ate Veggies

I read an article from the UK News yesterday which said that researchers had discovered through examining the fossil remains of Neanderthal teeth that Neanderthal man ate a wide range of plant matter.

WebMD stands for Web Mindless Drivel

After attempting to relay the benefits of low to no carb eating to type II diabetics (T2D) on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) web forum to no avail, I decided instead to do some searching around the web. I wanted to see if any web-based organization stated that a high carbohydrate diet is a cause/risk factor of/for T2D.

John Durant and Paleolithic Living

I had a nice paleo lunch with John Durant of Hunter-Gatherer fame yesterday. We discussed high intensity strength training, paleolithic living and many other ideas on how to get all humans to live and eat like, well, humans.

Paleolithic Diet Beats Mediterranean Diet For Satiety

A recent study indicates that a paleolithic diets trumps a Mediterranean diet for improvements in satiety. What this means, in essence, is that the total nutrient availability to the cells and resultant hormonal response is superior eating like a caveman as opposed to eating like a modern man - or woman.