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And then I found this

It ain't the calories

Sugar is a Big, Fat Slob

Many diet and metabolic experts proclaim that the law of thermodynamics (well there's two) reign supreme. That is to say, if you eat something and it doesn't get used as fuel, it will get stored as fat.

Dr. Kill-scare

Have any of you seen this?

Pretty please - with sugar on top?

As you all know, I care about people.  Too much sometimes.

Additional comments on my blog 'Philisophical Investments'

Additional comment 3/22/06:

Philisophical investments

...can sometimes be more costly than financial ones.

A Gallon a day Keeps the Fat Away

Look at this picture.

Good Blog - have a look-see

Regina Wilshire's blog is good. For those of you who really want to understand the facts on low carb living give her blog a twice over!

I'll be on WNBC's Weekend Today in NY on sunday March 5th

I'll be on NBC's Weekend Today in New York this coming Sunday, March 5th at 8:20 AM. We'll be talking Slow Burn and our instructor Tom Day will be giving a demo.