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The Three Worst Words

When strung together, the three worst words in the English language are:

Bill and Jeanie

Bill and Jeanie stopped in today for a workout (they are the ones in the middle) between big Tommy Day and myself.

Me and DC

My family and I took a lovely trip to Washington DC this past weekend. The weather was beautiful and we had some fascinating experiences.

Remember Reminders

One BIG problem with reaching your fat loss goals is remembering that you have one.

"To Be Weak Is Miserable" - Milton

Shakespeare said it in a more positive tone:

Good and Bad Cholesterol - No Such Thing!

I was reading one of my many books on cholesterol and it really hit me how wrong - dead wrong the concept of good and bad cholesterol is.

Fast or Slow - What's the Deal?

Justin is understandably miffed by all of the talk and misinformation spouted by fitness experts who falsely accuse slow training as useless for athletics. These folks contend that by training slowly with weights you will teach your muscles to move slowly and become slow.

Quanta Foods - Quality Stuff!

I am not easily impressed or won over by supplements. I've been taking the same quality vitamin (or so I thought) for 20 years and rarely if ever stray.