The Three Worst Words

April 30, 2008

When strung together, the three worst words in the English language are:

You made me....

Usually these words are followed by words like: 'feel,' 'do,' 'lose,' etc.

But it's just as bad when you follow these three words with positive endings like: 'love,' 'happy,' 'understand,' etc.

No one makes you do or feel anything. Not really.

These three words should be replaced by:

I choose to...

Taking responsibility for your actions, your feelings, and your successes and failures will lead to a higher degree of accomplishment and the sustainability of such accomplishments.

"I choose to be stronger." "I choose to become leaner." "I choose to become healthy."

These are far more powerful ways of expressing your desires and making them come true.

And as a bonus thought, if your thinking about becoming stronger, leaner and healthier, stop deciding and choose.

Big difference.