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Today's Chiropractic Lifestyle

Today's Chiropractic Lifestyle Magazine did a nice piece on the Slow Burn strength training system I developed.

Myth Debunking

My co-author Dr. Mike Eades penned this blog a short time ago. It's funny and in re-reading it I realized how important it is for everyone to read it too.

The Fountain of Youth

Please read:

I was saddened... a new client who came in the other day. She is and has been on statins for quite some time to try and get her cholesterol down.


This article on statins is among the worst and most irresponsible I've ever read.

The Exercise Myth

This is worth the read.

The Top 5 Worst Exercise Choices

Everyone has their personal idea of the type of exercise program they think is most beneficial.

Women have no fear!

Ladies if you fear that weight lifting or strength training will make you look like this:

Book signing at Border's Book Store

I'll be doing a book signing and lecture at Borders Books in Naperville, IL on Saturday May 5th at 1PM.

The Series Circuit of Fitness

You remember 8th grade science class right? Learning about electricity, making models of circuits, motors, etc? Fun stuff.

And the stupid shall lead us

In a recent article in Science Daily, nutritional scientists at the University of Alberta have established a connection between high insulin levels and dysfunction of intestinal lipid an animal model.

Radio show with Dr. Pat Margaitis

I had the pleasure of being on Dr. Pat Margaitis' Health Show last week. She's a wealth of info on nutrition, stress control, and so much more.