And the stupid shall lead us

May 01, 2007

In a recent article in Science Daily, nutritional scientists at the University of Alberta have established a connection between high insulin levels and dysfunction of intestinal lipid an animal model.

Cool. But while it is uncertain as to whether or not this means dimes to doughnuts to a human, it is intriguing.

It goes on to say:

"High insulin levels are caused by excessive consumption of sugar and fatty foods."

Really? Fatty foods? I don't think so. No, no, no.

While it is possible to skyrocket your insulin levels by eating excessive amounts of fat, you'd have to eat a hippo and her calf for that to happen. And since fat satiates, it is doubtful you'd get past eating a hippopotumus patty.

Dr. Donna Vine, expert nutritional scientist at the U of A and co-author of the paper in Atherosclerosis concludes:

" would pay to consume less fatty foods over the day."

Buuuuuuuuut NOT the sugar. I see. I see.

It's a good thing Dr. Vines is not an expert in air-bag technology.  She might suggest deploying the bag after the accident has occurred. Just to be sure you know.