Women have no fear!

May 04, 2007

Ladies if you fear that weight lifting or strength training will make you look like this:


Or this:


Don't. It's almost impossible. Even with muscle enhancing substances (steroids).

I mean, even if you BEGGED me to make you this muscular I couldn't do it.

This is the most you can expect muscle-wise: (You can click on her pic to enlarge it.)


I'm am NOT suggesting that every woman can look like her or wants to look like her. Of course not.

I merely use her picture as an example of the most amount of muscle a woman can gain naturally.

And, because I know your thinking about it, she is as lean as she is because she cares about what she eats on a meal by meal basis, each and everyday without fail. 

Don't fear muscles ladies. With them, you'll be fearless.