The Top 5 Worst Exercise Choices

May 07, 2007

Everyone has their personal idea of the type of exercise program they think is most beneficial.

It is common to hear a person say:

"Well, Pilates works for me."

When, in fact, that person's body has changed very little if at all.


"I don't care if it's doing what they claim. I love it!"

Ah well. You can't fault people for going with their gut. Humans are wont to do what they want to do almost no matter what so, that is how it goes.

BUT when the injury risk is high and the reward nill, this is where I (as a fitness expert) draw the line.

Here are my top 5, never-do-these-or-I'll-find-your-home-address-and-scold-you exercise programs:

  1. Aerobics classes with added resistance (like jumping in place with a barbell on your back).
  2. Explosive weight lifting (lifting weight really fast).

So my friends, do what you will. Rejoice in life for its own sake. Play, laugh, de-stressify, feel happy, prance, dance and otherwise be gay.

But if I hear from my Serious Strength spies that you're doing any of the above, remember, - I'm comin' for ya!