Quanta Foods - Quality Stuff!

April 02, 2008

I am not easily impressed or won over by supplements. I've been taking the same quality vitamin (or so I thought) for 20 years and rarely if ever stray.

Tom Day and instructor at Serious Strength has been talking about a company and doctor for years now who helped his girlfriend (and many others) heal from a barrage of toxic insults but who remains as reclusive as a badger.

Recently he has made his products available. The website is Quantafoods. It's a primitive, cumbersome website but you can (and should) read all about Dr. Yanick's work and his ideas.

A snippet:

"Quantafood’s mission is to produce the most bioavailable and efficacious food concentrate and ferment available. In order to deliver a living bio-active whole food that is easily utilized at the cellular level and unadulterated, we have found that dry powders, capsules of dry foods or herbs and tablets fail to provide optimal nourishment. Tableting nutrients involves granulation and heat that denatures and deactivates nutrients present in the raw plant material and most powered herbs or superfoods go moldy fast having a very short shelf life."

For the first time in my life taking a supplement I have felt positive health effects. Nothing miraculous mind you, but subtle things like, waking up more rested, no hangover when I went drinking with my Greek buddy, less joint pain, less fatigue from a long day (I work 10+ hours a day nearly everyday).

What I did was shun all my previous vitamins and supplements EXCEPT for my glutamine and krill oil intake and only used Dr. Yanick's real food supplements.

I say you should give them some consideration too. And by the way, I have no financial interest with Quanta Foods. Nada. Zippo. I just want to share a good thing.