"To Be Weak Is Miserable" - Milton

April 09, 2008

Shakespeare said it in a more positive tone:

"O! 'Tis excellent to have a giants strength."

Top ten reasons to strength train:

  1. Maintain and increase muscle tone, muscle mass
  2. Increase bone density
  3. Improve hormonal tone
  4. Enhance joint flexibility
  5. Decrease body fat
  6. Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  7. Improves mood, sleep and digestion
  8. Control and regulate blood sugar
  9. Ease arthritis pain

And for number 10, drum roll please:

     10. Makes you look and feel sexy.

What - you gonna argue with Will?

And all of the above  can be yours for the one low, low price of 30 minutes of your time per week.