Philisophical investments

March 20, 2006

...can sometimes be more costly than financial ones.

Go here: Diabetes Risk Test  Take it. It's real fast. Do this then read the rest of this blog.

Since it's coming from the American Diabetes Association you can trust it, right? (The very fact that there is such an organization is suspect. We create the disease then organizations for curing it.)

No matter what your score the recommendations are the same.

  • Keep your weight under control
  • Stay active most days (why not all?)
  • Eat low fat meals HIGH in fruits (SUGAR) vegetables (SUGAR) and whole grain foods (SUGAR)

So the take home message from the ADA is this: If your a diabetic or if you don't want to become one, eat mostly sugar all day long, everyday for the rest of your life.

Sheesh. NO! More than sheesh - dear God!

The very organization that is dedicated to curing diabetics is turning people into them!

"Soylent peeeeople!"

I know - WHOLE grains you say, fruit not candy bars Fred, veggies aren't sugar Mr. Hahn! (Right?)


All complex carbs must be broken down into simple ones when they go down into the fiery furnaces of your body.  It's all a candy bar more or less once carbs are broken down into their constituent properties.

No animal alive has the enzymes to break down cellulose. Herbivores manage to breakdown veggie matter by putrification in the loooooong intestinal highways they posses (that by comparison we do not - our digestive system more resembles a dog or lion) where bacteria invades the matter and breaks it down.

What happens next?

"Beans beans there good for your heart. They make you want to..."

Come to think of it, cows are gassy animals aren't they?


Organizations like the ADA, AMA, NIH, AHA and a bunch of others have so much philosophical investment in the current food pyramid that they cannot see what is happening right before their very eyes - a pandemic of obese people created by their own recommendations.

What  a racket.

My recc - eat the cow - don't eat like one.