Scott Adams the Vegetarian Comic

March 25, 2008

Scott Adams is a funny comic writer. As a blogger, he's really good too. But his recent post on eating meat had my incisors and canines bared.

He lists 2 points on meat eaters:

1.That we will argue to death that eating meat is healthy. Yes we will. And why? Because it IS.

If meat were unhealthy, there'd be no lions, tigers and bears. Could it maybe be the type of meat one eats that could lead to ill health? One would think there is a eeensy, weensy, teeny difference between a bison steak cooked by a native Sioux and Parker's Brown and serve sausages.

2.The second point was funny - that if people were natural meat eaters, we'd salivate when we saw a cow. However I doubt that vegetarians salivate while looking at a picture of Christina's World - or while standing in a field of filthy, dirty potatoes.


He goes on to say that he doesn't understand why we cut our meat into steaks, cook it and cover it with sauces. Well, it's hard to eat an entire buffalo (though boy I've come close), steak tar-tar is a favorite of mine as is sashimi. So we animal eaters do indeed like it raw.

And last I checked you couldn't walk into a wheat field, snatch up a handful of wheat and eat. Many grain products are refined foods - unreal - processed. And did you know they can alter your DNA? Grain foods contain among the most destructive proteins known to mankind. Here's a glimpse.

As for sauces? C'mon Scott - vegans and vegetarians slather everything they eat in some kind of soy/tahini/rice vinegar concoction. Some are good too!

I must admit I have salivated, as Scott has, at the sight of potatoes. But usually they are in the form of frites nestled closely to my rare and tender rib eye.

Thanks to my agent Lisa and to Seth for the heads up.