What we Ate on Vacation

August 17, 2011

Don't get jealous now.

I thought I'd share some pix of the food I ate while vacationing in Paris, Barcelona and London. All low carb/sugar and all so very tasty! Let's start with Paris...

Here is what I avoided!

Bunless burgers! Georgia was eating some sort of meat and cheese fondue thingy. This was in the Mouffetarde area.

Our first day in Paris - Good eating! the kids tempered their fry intake but they were cooked in duck fat so it was hard!

My favorite meal in Paris. there was so much duck fat I figured the taters glycemic load was pulverized. Still I didn't eat all of them.

Duck leg confit and taters swimming in duck fat.

Here we are awaiting our meal at...jeepers I forget!

We shared a nice pate plate:

So good!

This wine was outstanding!

Bone marrow to die for!

Linda had a beef stew that was luscious - like beef cream soup.

My brother in law had some sort of sausage medley.

And what did I choose as my main? You guessed it!

Yeah, low carb gets so boring. Same old, same old. I miss my pasta. NOT!

Georgia ate well too as you can see.

Veal chop heaven! She went easy on the taters.

Creamy creme brulee for dessert. We all shared.

Though I don't eat much dairy, this place sure had some seriously amazing stuff!

Say cheese!

We took two Fat Bike tours - one in Paris and one in Versailles. Great trips!

Fat Bike tour in Paris. Amber was working off her carbs!

Onto Barcelona...

Our first meal in Barcelona. Mussels and chicken paella on the way.

As I ate my food, this was the image to my right. Talk about waiting for the ball to drop!

We ate at a very nice seafood place by the sea and drank many a Tinto Verano. The drink is a light alcohol wine mixed with bubbly water and various citrus fruits inside. Very refreshing! Hat tip to Mike Eades my co-author for the heads up on this drink!

Here was my meal:

The little tiny cockles were fantastic!

Amber was hooked up with a hunk of sirloin:

Amber's steak. It was like butta!

In front of 4Gats - Picasso frequented this eatery.

Linda is about to feats on rabbit shoulder stew:

Sorry bunny but...

Steak with foie gras on top. Yes, eating low carb is so bland and limiting:

The portion was too small!

Amber's steak was so thick she got a helping hand from the kind waiter:

Why thank you!

Our last lunch in Barcelona. We were almost dragged in by the manager. He talked a good talk and when he said the restaurant was also gluten free certified we were in! Take a look:

The label in the center certified them as a gluten free providing eatery.

Believe it or not, gluten free rolls and a pitcher of Tinto.

A huge chunk of fatty meat:

This meal was delicious. And the sauce was gluten free too!

OK onto merry olde England!

The food was not as good on average in the U.K. compared to Paris and Barcelona. But we did find a few places that were as good like a little gastro-pub in South Kennsington called Bumpkin.


We stumbled upon this fantastic gastro-pub called the Crown and Goose. A must visit eatery when in Camden.

This dish was scrumptious:

Wild pigeon! (I hope...)

Dinner at Trullo. Fantastic. We read about this place an article by Gwyneth Paltrow.

All that hen for me?

I neglected to take a pic of my dish or Linda's.

Saying goodbye:

Last breakfast in the U.K.

I hope you enjoyed this gastro-post. We certainly enjoyed eating it all!

The moral of this story is, low carb never gets boring or tasteless no matter where you go.