Slow Burn misconceptions

January 09, 2006

I've been meaning to clear up and clarify a few misconceptions about Slow Burn. Feel free to email me if any of the following is unclear.

What's in a name?
To clarify the name of our method Slow Burn:
SLOW refers to the speed with which we instruct the lifting and lowering of weights at Serious Strength. Our instructors are hawk-eyed and the rules are strict. As a result, you receive speedy results and your joints are as happy as a cat in a catnip mall.

BURN refers to the efficient and rapid burning of body fat as a result of eating low to no refined sugar, adequate protein and healthy fats, non starchy veggies and low to no high sugar/acid fruits. Vegetarians welcome.

OK that's the name taken care of.

Aerobics and Physical Activity

Our position on aerobic exercise has often gotten us into a little trouble. When we say "You don't need aerobic activity if you're strength training on a consistent basis with us" we mean just THAT. We don't mean physical activity is BAD. No ma'am. People get a little nutso when it comes to their exercise programs. Here is a little story...

The other day my wife, 45 yrs young, 2 kids via C-section, was in her pottery class discussing her awesome back musculature to a woman who asked "What do you do to look so good?"  She explained "I strength train at my gym once or twice a week for 20 minutes." 20 minutes?! The woman blasted. "Yep. And not only that I can run after my two little speedsters, garden, play sports, etc. all with the vim and vigor of a 20 year old. 20 minutes of Slow Burn is all you need." An eavesdropping pottermate turned and vehemently added "Don't you tell me my swimming isn't doing me any good!"

These types of responses are COMMON much to my dismay. In fact, it can get real ugly.

OK now imagine I am standing on a soap box in front of the Jefferson Memorial: We ENCOURAGE physical activity at Serious Strength - for those who like it. (Did I get anyone mad?)

We are trying to HELP people understand that it is the health of your muscles - their strength and endurance that ALL forms of exercise address (some better than others of course) that matters most.

More on this later. My low carb breakfast is ready I'm told.