The new Sugar Pyramid for kids

January 04, 2006

I'm MAD.

It's one thing to dupe and misinform adults, but it's quite another when you do it to children.

It has got to STOP.

Take a look at the new MYPyramid for Kids. Apparently, meat and certainly oils/fats should scarcely be eaten by tykes - the most important building blocks of their muscles and cells including their brain. Grains, which almost every single person in the country has an allergic reaction to in one form or another and which are a major contributor to the Leaky Gut Syndrome should apparently be the main staple along with fruit (fructose - BAD) and veggies (sugar in cellulose format). Milk is right up there as well and as we all know (or should know if we are parents), milk is primarily sugar.

This is not to say that fruits and vegetables should not be eaten. Certain fruits and veggies are alkaline foods which are important to eat with acid producing foods in order to neutralize the acidity. Both have important vitamins and minerals as well.  Grains, on the other hand, are not required in the human diet. Grains, due to the acid producing, leaky gut causing nature of their proteins (not all proteins are alike you know) should be avoided. I know I've just PO'd the vegetarians reading this post, but the science is the science. "Think different" as it were.

Both of these food groups (veggies and fruit) are important but not as important as meat, eggs, fish and healthy fats.

Sugar, sugar,'s no wonder kids are getting so fat, crashing and listless in the middle of the day and become so irritable at night - unless they get that TREAT!

It is a shame, a gosh darn shame that our wonderful governing bodies cannot recognize the cause of a very serious problem in this country when it is so very apparent - SUGAR. I guess the folks who create these inane food source shapes want to have their cake and eat it too!