Shit Your Doctor Says

September 26, 2010


Let's face it - sometimes well-meaning and wonderful people talk shit and say dumb things. And they often say dumb things with conviction.

Sometimes they are famous actors who say intelligent things like "Save our planet!" Our planet has a name - it's called the Earth.

Sometimes they are politicians who say brilliant things like "Building a Mosque near ground zero in un-American." Please. Read the Constitution.

Sometimes they are - brace yourselves now - doctors who say things like:

- Eat a low fat diet if you're a diabetic
- Low carb diets are fad diets
- Fiber is good for your digestion
- You need to eat complex carbohydrates
- Saturated fat causes heart disease
- Eating cholesterol puts you at risk for heart disease
- Walking is the best form of exercise
- Blood vitamin D levels above 100 ng/dl are toxic
- To lose weight, eat less calories
- Use margarine instead of butter (yes indeed they STILL say this!)
- If your cholesterol is over 200 you need take statins

This is a short list of well-meaning yet totally dumb shit your doctor says. If your doctor is giving you advice on nutrition or exercise, demand the evidence. Doctors have a responsibility to support their statements. You're the boss - not them.

But all the above statements are shit. Wipe them out of your mind. And once gone, refill yourselves on reality by visiting the Nutrition and Metabolism Society website.