Even The New York Times Fails Us

September 16, 2010


Well sportsfans it seems that The NY Times has joined forces with The Huffinton Post in getting their facts twisted on the recent survey which indicated, albeit weakly, that if you eat a lot of carbs and eat fat and meat you run a slightly higher risk of dying earlier and suffering more maladies than if you eat a lot of carbs and not so much fat and meat.Take a look.

From the article:

Atkins-style low-carbohydrate diets help people lose weight, but people who simply replace the bread and pasta with calories from animal protein and animal fat may face an increased risk of early death from cancer and heart disease, a new study reports.

What is sad is that the writer, Roni Rabin, is probably just parroting Dr. Ornish - trusting that Dr. Ornish read the survey correctly and then regurgitated the message. Or...is there an Atkins bias at work here as there clearly was in Dr. Ornish's recent HP blog?

Rabin writes: "An Atkins-style..." Style? What the heck is an Atkins-style diet? If I eat a lot of veggies, fruit and grain and also a tid bit of meat, am I eating "vegan-style?"

Not only that, think about another untrue thing Rabin wrote: "...people who simply replace the bread and pasta with calories from animal protein and animal fat..." Here he suggests that pasta - pure carbs hence sugar and a refined fake food made in a factory, is healthier for you than a grass fed, free ranging steak or eggs from the butt of a free ranging chicken. I mean, how ridiculous is that?

For shame NY Times!

You know, I recall that when the A to Z diet study was published in 2007 showing that the Atkins diet kicked the butt of the other diets in terms of weight loss and more favorable overall metabolic effects, Ornish had a conniption. He bellowed from the towers that his diet approach didn't win because the fat content of the diets the obese women were using for his arm of the A to Z study was far too high. But look how quick he was to ignore the discrepancy between the carbs in a true Atkins diet and the carbs in the survey in question and bash the Atkins diet.

Just sayin...