Exercise isn't just movement

September 07, 2010

(Image credit @Thriveable.com)

Exercise serves many different purposes for many people. And everyone experiences exercise in several different ways. Some people get what's called a "runner's high." Some don't. Some people get a thrill and a rush from extreme sports like skydiving, motor cross cycling, etc. Some wouldn't dream of doing such things.

Exercise can also be a very personal experience and a very private one at that. Some like to exercise in solitude, others like to exercise in groups.

To each his own.

The deeper question is, what are the physiological benefits of exercise? Are you exercising for the fun of it in hopes that you get physical benefits? Do you know that the exercises you are currently doing are indeed providing those benefits? Do you know what those benefits are?

Getting in your car and driving will get you somewhere. But unless you know precisely where you are going and unless you have a clear road map to tell you how to get to that destination, you'll never arrive. You may get close, you may wind up in a similar place, but it's a shot in the dark.

When it comes to exercise, know where you are going and make sure you have a clear set of directions. Otherwise, you may get lost.

Your thoughts?