Supple Spines

May 22, 2006

Supple Spines (trademark pending) using our new and improved low back machine conceived and created by myself and master retrofitter Tim Ryan are soon to be built at Serious Strength Studios.

Take a looksee:

2stoverall_4 In this machine (click on it for a larger and better image), the hips are restrained from moving (extending) so that only the spine extends.

But what's even better, there is no way to push through the feet which makes for even better isolation.

Further still, all of the seat positions are adjustable in order to accommodate virtually any sized person.

If spine strength and suppleness as well as low back pain relief is what you're after, make your way over to Serious Strength pronto!

As for 'core strength,' Yoga and Pilates step aside - technology has rendered you seriously obsolete.

The feeling is absolutely incredible. You will literally feel taller after getting out of the machine after a single session.