Pump Up Before You Carb Up

November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As I write this I am looking at plates and bowls of carbs floating around the kitchen.

All healthy versions mind you - organic yam puree, gluten free sage stuffing, corn bread made from manna made in heaven (ok from Bob's Redmill Masa Harina corn flour).

And I'm going to eat them all. And so are you.

BUT before you launch into your Thanksgiving carb fest, workout. Even a 10 minute all-out effort doing 3-4 exercises like pushups, pullups, squats and sit ups will do the trick. Try to do the workout about an hour or so before you eat for best results. But any time is best.

The workout will decrease your stored glycogen and set the stage for muscle building. The protein ( a musket shot turkey in our case) and added carbs will fuel the muscle building fire within you.

Don't go nutty now - but eat! And you'll be able to eat in a guilt free manner 'cuz you know that you are eating the right stuff to build a better you.