Swine Fattening or People Fattening

July 16, 2010

In one of the on line groups I am honered to be included into, a physician pointed out something very interesting on how swine were fattened back in the old days.

It appears that skim milk plus grains contribute to obesity in swine so sayeth The Farmers Cyclopedia of Livestock.


Skim milk is one of the most valuable adjuncts of the farm for fattening swine. Used with corn, kafir corn or any of the common grain by-products an almost ideal ration is formed. Hogs like it, and relish rations mixed with it. As a result of five years' work in feeding skim milk at the New York station at Cornell, it is concluded that the most economic returns are secured when the milk is fed with corn meal.

And by returns they mean the much desired hog fat.

As we all know, the American food supply is riddled with corn and skim milk, meaning starch and sugar. In fact, the 2010 USDA nutritional guidelines are essentially hog fattening guidelines. Corn and sugar - all part of a nutritious breakfast!