That's one small step for man...

February 02, 2006

"I believe that every human being has a finite number of heartbeats and I'm damned if I'm going to use up mine doing any exercise." Neil Armstrong

Who are we to argue with such a man?

Neil is right you know. We all obviously have a finite number of heartbeats available. But I've often thought, when you go jogging or when you do your Tae-bo exercises, while fun and stress relieving as these proclivities may be, may they be wasting precious life energy?

The answer is yes - if you care to be scientific about it.

Now hold those punches and drop that noose! I am not trying to steal your romantic walks in the park with your loved one, nor am I attempting to rid you of your goal to complete the Adirondack trail. No ma'am, no sir. I too have come to love the almost religious feeling one gets when blood flows powerfully and healthfully through ones veins.

But what is health? This question was asked in a comment on Commenting in a comment from Joe in my previous blog.

Answer: Health is the absence of disease.

Occam's Razor my dear friends. 

There is no such thing as super health or being healthier than healthy. That's a big fat scam so many gurus have exploited - a concept people are so desperate to believe.  I mean, when you argue these issues with true believers of this concept (a great book True Believer by Eric Hoffer) you'd better be wearing Iraqi body armor.

"Rejoice in life for it's own sake" said Shaw. I agree. Do what makes you happy. This is what research shows makes us live longer. In fact, longevity is best served by the following criteria (note that physical activity ain't one of them):

  • Wealth
  • Strong social life
  • Marriage (we assume a happy one)
  • Children
  • Pets

That's it. For exercise, I suggest a sound strength training program. Why? Because it delivers all the benefits of physical activty and much, much more - all without the orthopedic wear and tear, and sans hormonal degradation caused by too much physical exertion.  Occam's Razor. You then will be able to enjoy the above with all the joy and zeal you can muster.

And your heart will love you for it.