The Egg Nothing Omelete

November 11, 2008

Many people fearing the fat and cholesterol in egg yolks eat egg white omelette's instead of regular omelette's.

This fear of course is unwarranted as there is not a shred of scientific evidence to suggest that the amount of cholesterol you eat will raise your cholesterol level nor is there any to suggest that your cholesterol level, no matter what it is, matters a jot. There are many well respected scientists and doctors who are struggling to get the correct information into the mainstream.

OK - back to the egg.

An egg is a nearly perfect food. A single egg has most of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health. (Remember, the more cholesterol you eat, the less your body needs to make.)

The egg has two parts - the white and the yolk. An interesting comparison is revealed when you look at the nutrient content of the white vs. the yolk. Do take a peek at this and return to this blog.

The only nutrient found in the white in superior quantities than the yolk is potassium - and there is a fair amount in the yolk too. There is also far more sodium in the white. In fact, as you can see from the list, the white has, comparatively speaking, almost no nutritional value whatsoever.

So next time you have an omelet, go for the whole egg version. Otherwise you are essentially eating a 'Nothing Omelet.'