5 Minutes of Exercise a Week is Enough

March 08, 2012

I am now hearing in the wind that 30 minutes a week of exercise is too time consuming. I find this hard to believe but hey, some people have full time jobs, 47 kids, second jobs, pets, lawns, nails to polish, cigars to smoke, etc.

I'm here to tell ya'll that a mere 5 minutes is enough. 5 minutes. 5. V. Five.

Here are the exercises you do:

Chest press or bench press or push ups
Squats or leg press
Pull downs or chin ups or one arm rows

That's it. Each exercise should take you about 1-2 minutes to reach complete muscle fatigue. Each of the exercises can be seen in this video. In the video, the chest press is the 2nd exercise, the leg press is the 5th and the pull down is the 1st.

[vimeo 21469030 w=400 h=300]

Serious Strength Personal Training Studios from Serious Strength on Vimeo.

These three exercises will not win you a body building trophy, but they will indeed build muscle and strength in a big way. I'm not the only one talking about this either.

After you do these three, go home and eat a good protein rich meal. If you train at home, go eat a protein rich meal. Keep the carbs low and stick to veggies as much as you can.

No more excuses now.

And you don't have to be in shape to get started you hockey-pucks! START to get in shape.