Childhood Obesity is Easily Solved

March 18, 2012

Mike after 8 months of low carb eating and 1-2 weekly strength sessions.

Thanks to Google's key word search, I receive a half dozen interesting but frustrating articles on childhood obesity on a daily basis. Every single one of them says the same darn thing - eat less fat, eat whole grains, exercise more, blah blah blah. Drives me nuts!

Childhood obesity is easily solved. What I mean is, there is no mystery surrounding the solution if you are up on your reading on low carb diets. It's just a matter of obeying science. If we (Michelle Obama this means you too!) would ignore the current weight loss dogma (low fat, whole grains, swapping soda for juice, etc.) and promote a low carbohydrate, real food eating plan instead, viola! No more obese people.

And for those of you who are about to stick their thumbs in their ears, wiggle their fingers and scream at me: "But Fred! What about all the people who eat lots of carbs like the Kitavans and aren't fat! So there!" let me say this: I don't give a hoot about them.

FACT: The only way you can become obese is by eating lots of carbs. If you don't, you can't, as in CAN'T.

As for exercise, lack of exercise hasn't a thing to do with obesity. If this was understood, there would be a lot less pressure on obese kids as well. Do fat newborns move less in the womb? Are skinny, inactive kids sneaking in hours on the treadmill when no one is looking? C'mon.

I am so sick of the nonsense, if anyone's library would like a free copy of my book Strong Kids Healthy Kids, I'll ship it.