Diabetes Handprint

March 21, 2009

I received an email last week from an organization called Onetouch.com. They were promoting an idea called the Diabetes Handprint created by Manny Hernandez in order to raise global awareness of diabetes. His organization is called Tudiabetes.com.

The idea is interesting - create a word or phrase inside the palm of your hand, take a pic of it, and send it in. For every hand sent in $5 will be donated to the cause by various sponsors.

Here is an example:


So I decided I'd add a hand via their website by creating a virtual hand.

If you are up your low carb research reading (as you'd think all organizations who are interested in ending diabetes would be) you see quite vividly that a low carb diet is THE cure for type II diabetes. On that page you have to give a short story about your word. Of course I explained the science in brief.

So, I designed a hand that said (drum roll please):

No Carbs

The website says that you will receive a confirmation that your handprint has been received and added to the group. Not so fast rabbit! I received an email saying:
"Dear Fredhahn,

We're sorry but your submission was not accepted for publishing on the Diabeteshandprint.com website."

Here are their content submission terms. I violated none of them.

So the bottom line is, the review staff (a staff that clearly has not read a single study on the subject) denies a hand print that holds the answer for virtually all type II diabetics.

Pretty interesting doncha think? As the late Carl Sagan wrote: "Science as a candle in the dark." Clearly not in this case.