Don't Count Calories - Eat Real Food

August 25, 2010

I'll be blunt here - anyone who tells you to count calories in order to lose weight is completely clueless about the kinds of foods a human being should be eating. Here's a good example of such nonsense.

Think about it - no other animal on Earth purposefully limits their food intake. And the rate at which your body utilizes energy is not a static number. It fluctuates constantly.

We evolved to eat foods that were real - meats, eggs, fish, fowl, organs and some vegetable/fruit plant matter when in season. That's about it. When you eat like this, you can eat all you like and never have to worry about weight gain, weight loss, T2 diabetes, and a host of the other self inflicted ills that plague many of us.

If you are overfat and perhaps T2 diabetic, if you follow this pyramid you will be amazed at the change in your body. And rapidly.

Human Food Pyramid

(I know it's sort of a crude rendering, but I never said I was an artist.)

When seeking out animal matter, look for grass-fed, free range, wild caught products. Some fish farms are actually good and may keep us from depleting the oceans of fish that are endangered. But you'll have to do your homework on this. Try to buy your plant matter locally. And contrary to popular belief, you don't need to eat a lot of plants. Animal matter is more nutritionally dense and replete with antioxidants.

So eat healthfully and as nature intended you, a human being, to eat. Forget how many calories there are in the foods your eating and instead enjoy and savor the fat of the land.