Don't sweat the scale

June 07, 2011

Fred 159

Last night before I went to bed, I took a tinkle, stripped down to my skivies, and weighed in at a trim 159 pounds.

The next morning I got up, took a tinkle and weighed myself again.

I was 153.5 pounds. Yes that's right. I weighed 5.5 pounds less.

When I went to bed that night after a tinkle and a number two, I weighed 161.

Don't sweat the scale.

A few pounds up or down is meaningless. Water loss, heat dissipation, internal goings on all cost energy. And the replacement of water, building muscle, etc. can all cause sudden gain. No one's weight is stable and no one loses weight, specifically fat, on a linear basis.

If you're eating real food that is high in healthy fats, adequate in protein and sprinkled with some colorful plant matter along with hitting the weight room twice a week, you're on the right track.

Oh - and swap those cardio sessions for naps.