Eating healthy does not mean you'll lose weight

December 01, 2005

Many clients who want to lose fat comment that they don't need my diet advice because they already eat healthy. They seem to think that eating healthy foods won't allow weight gain. Well, the hard cold fact of the matter is that calroies count. The laws of thermodynamics fear no one.

I often give this example: If God came down from heaven and told you exactly what to eat for perfect health and you ate twice what God told you to, you'd wind up an overfat immortal.

If a person requires 2000 calories to remain at their current body weight or body fat level and lowers their calories to 1500, they WILL lose weight. However, if those 1500 calories all come from sugar, the person would lose some fat but also a lot of muscle, bone and organ tissue to make up  for the lack of nutients in an all sugar diet. This, of course, is bad and not at all what we wish to accomplish. And a lot of people, believe it or not, eat almost pure sugar day in and day out. Shame on Weight Watchers for allowing this. Their point system is pointless.

They best way to lose fat and not just weight is to adopt a diet rich in protein and healthy fats with a sprinkling of sugar thrown in primarily from veggies and fruit. In this way you will preserve and in some cases increase muscle and bone tissue while losing fat at the same time. This, along with 30  minutes of Slow Burn strength training thrown in, is a powerful recipe for a lean, strong looking body and a healthy one to boot! Read the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution and Proetin Power Lifeplan for specific info on how to achieve the very best body you can!
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