Excessive Exercise

August 30, 2008

My friend Bill alerted me to this article which discusses the dangers and perils of excessive exercise.

But the title is misleading or put more simply, dead wrong:

Regular gym visits can wear out your hips in middle age

Well, it kind of depends on what you do when you're at the gym, right? This is like saying regular visits to the liquor store can cause cirrhosis of the liver.

The title should be:

  Excessive Exercise Can Wear Out Your Joints By Middle Age
But we get the idea.

The sad thing is that the physician who is most often quoted in this article, Dr. Marston, believes that walking is the best form of exercise.

He says:

"The best exercise is a 30 minute brisk walk three times a week."

Yet he believes that too much activity is a cause of worn down joints. Though he does mention impact as a factor, clearly it can't be the only factor. Rubbing and grinding do their fair share of joint degradation. Why Dr. Marston evades this is curious.

And no where is strength training mentioned - a form of exercise known to improve joint function, bone density and functionality.

And to be maximally effective, strength training takes a mere 30 minutes a week, has zero impact and if done the Slow Burn way, causes very little joint articualtion.

Should I send Dr. Marston a free copy of my book?