Ford's Focus

September 23, 2008

Henry Ford was a genius. He also did not get past the 8th grade. And, as rumor has it, had only a 5th grade reading level.

But his library is impressive.

I visited the home of Henry Ford last month. My nephew and his fiance (now wife) chose the historic Ford home as their wedding place. It is truly a magnificent property.

Before the wedding got under way I moseyed around the mansion and came upon the mavericks library. Most of the books were enclosed in plexiglas and I was told these were part of his original library.

I was amazed at how many books there were on health and fitness. Literally dozens and dozens of books on how to live well, eat well, exercise well and so on.

I was drooling.

I took a picture of the few I could as the plexiglas made it extremely difficult to snap a pic without glare.

Here is one of my favorites. I do not know this author but since my book's subtitle is '...exercise that will change your body in 30 minutes a week.' it has a tender place in my heart.


Here s a serious of others:


I REALLY wanted to break in and read the Scientific Fasting by Hazzard. But I refrained.

In the pic below we se that Mr. Ford mixes business with pleasure:


These two I'd love to read.


There were many more. Ford lived to be 83. Being born in 1863 this is equivalent to living to 100 or so today.  He stayed lean and active till his dying day. (I'll bet he ate low carb.)

Clearly Ford had a focus on healthy living. And look where it got him.