Hank Greenberg and I on Bloomberg's The Hays Advantage

January 22, 2013

Kathleen Hays

I'm thrilled and honored to announce that my client (and friend) former CEO of AIG and CEO of Starr International Maurice "Hank" Greenberg and I will be appearing on Bloomberg Radio's show The Hays Advantage hosted by one of top-rated financial journalists and broadcasters in the nationKathleen Hays on February 12th at 2 PM.

We'll be discussing why and how exercise, specifically strength training, can help improve a business's bottom line by making people healthier and more energetic. Engaging in regular strength training reduces the chance of debilitating illnesses, chronic low back and neck pain, obesity, diabetes and many other ailments that often cost companies mucho dinero each and every year.

I'll be providing some statistics that will hopefully convince companies that investing in their employees health and strength is well worth the money spent. And it requires just 30 minutes a week of a person's time. Heck, it can be accomplished on an employee's break time!

There will also be discussions about AIG and other business issues related to one of the greatest CEO's in American history. A full hour of fantastic listening will be in store for you! You'll be able to Tweet in questions and possibly email them as well.

I hope you tune in. Please share!